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Welcome to the Site for 
Grace Filled Turnings

Under this tab you will find a brochure for the retreat and an application form.  The Grace Filled Turnings retreat is scheduled for July 17-21, 2023.  Deadline for applications is

June 9, 2023.

The Presenters for this retreat are:

Ginnie Ferrell  (WTBG 3)

In 2018, a conversation with UCC colleagues expanded Ginnie’ environmental journey. Seeking justice and caring for the poor became one with our planet’s need for tender care and respect. Through environmental action networks and courses in public policy, Ginnie is discerning a new way to live the Christian call to environmental discipleship. Ginnie’s life changed in core ways through her relationships with sisters of Our Lady of Grace Monastery and Woman Touched by Grace. Ginnie is humbled and grateful to co-lead this week with Kim Buchanan, whose friendship led her to WTBG over 10 years ago!

Kim Buchanan  (WTBG 2)

On a clergy renewal sabbatical in 2014, Kim learned about the power of communal song to make positive change in the world…and never turned back.  In her work as a UCC pastor and musician in Tallahassee, Florida, Kim does what she can to bring people together to sing.  Her love of communal singing draws Kim regularly to Our Lady of Grace Monastery, where she finds great joy in singing with the sisters.  Kim is excited to co-lead this “Resting in Hope” retreat with her long-time friend and WTBG sister, Ginnie Ferrell!


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