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Women Touched by Grace I, II & III

Women Touched by Grace II [2008 - 2010]

The anticipation of WTGB II was quite intense for the sisters.  Having bonded with the first group, they didn't know quite what to expect - nor did the second group of pastors know what to expect of the sisters.  One thing the sisters did know, is that they missed having the clergywomen in their midst and soon this new group would come to know the true meaning of Benedictine hospitality.  When WTGB II arrived, the "veteran" sisters also welcomed the "newbies" with as much vim and vigor as they did with the first group - and before they knew it, more friendships were formed.  Meet the Women Touched by Grace II.

The first group of Women Touched by Grace were 30 strong. These pioneers blazed the trail for the groups to follow.  Having never been in such close contact with a group of clergywomen, the sisters put into practice their Benedictine hospitality and welcomed them with open arms. The women clergy, having never spent so much time in a women's monastery were treading the waters carefully - but became acquainted with the sisters so quickly it was as if they had always been a part of the community.  The first program was a terrific experience for both the clergywomen and the sisters.  Meet the Women Touched by Grace I. 


Women Touched by Grace I [2003 - 2006]

Getting to be rather comfortable with their role as the hosts of WTBG, the sisters were just as excited to welcome WTGB III as they were with the first two groups.  Even though the pastors are only at the monastery for 10 days twice a year - something incredible happens and it begins to seem as if they have always been a part of each others lives. Once strangers, they quickly become friends and sisters. Meet the Women Touched by Grace III.

Women Touched by Grace III [2012 - 2014]

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