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     The women pastors, steeped in prayer and the spiritual disciplines, will be able to share that prayer with the people they serve.

     The program consists of five gatherings of clergywomen, each with a specific focus along with adequate time for prayer, reflection and meditation.  All sessions include joining the monastic community for the Divine Office.   

     The goal of the project is to provide a strong, cohesive body of women pastors, strengthened in the spiritual disciplines.  They, in turn, will return to their congregations as spiritual leaders rather than simply administrators or managers. 

     This project is unique in that it brings together two groups that do not normally interact: Protestant clergywomen and Catholic women religious.  Although both groups are committed to serving the people of God, their differing traditions sometimes separate them.  Each group has a rich tradition to share with the other.  Both will benefit. 

     Participants of the program are expected to share what they have learned with an already established group in their congregation.  The sharing will encourage the clergywoman to sustain the practice of prayer that was

generated during the time of renewal.  The goal is to foster long-term practices and not simply have "bursts of spiritual renewal" followed by business as usual.



Because this is a renewal program, clergywomen must be ordained a minimum of 5 years.

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